Skylines E​.​P

by All These Years

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All These Years Debut E.P

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released April 27, 2015

All Tracks Written By Adam Browning and Michael Putman
Except Skylines which was written by Michael Putman, Liam Pack and Adam Browning

All Songs were Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rob Rollason

© All These Years 2015. All Sound, Images and Artwork are property of All These Years
© Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


All These Years London, UK

UK Pop Punk
New single 'What Was Left Unsaid' OUT NOW!
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Track Name: Please Save Me Bill Murray
What can I say?
When every word that comes out
Ends up being a cliché.
So don’t be afraid,
You’re telling me it’s just another phase...

But you will never change,
You’ll always stay the same,
As she stands there screaming!

I have spent too long
Wondering where I went wrong
Along the way,
Every day is Groundhog Day!

Another day,
Another chance to go out
And to try and save some face.
But you’re full of hate,
Your ignorance is your worst enemy...

I have spent too long
Wondering where I went wrong Along the way,
Every day is Groundhog Day! Replaying all the same mistakes On and on, once again
I think I’m better off staying with my friends!
Track Name: Skylines
I keep thinking back to the words you said,
I’m gonna live this life without regret.
Remember every night, after every fight,
"It’s a waste of time", that's what she said.

We spent all this time, it’s been hit and miss,
Don’t want to fade away; there's so much left to say now.

This time
Well I guess we both have lost our faith in me again
We fall down.
And have we just been wasting time
Chasing tales and skylines we once left behind?
Well, hold tight.
Don’t say goodbye tonight!

I am so sorry
For the things I did that didn't mean a thing.
I am so sorry
For the things I said that didn't mean a thing.
Track Name: Abandon Ship!
Can we go back and start again?
This life is not what I had planned,
I've been standing strong,
But something's wrong,
I've not been myself for so long.

And I know I've been here before,
I've lost some friends along the way,
Today things never stay the same.

Sink or swim,
Mayday! Can someone please save us?
We're going down in flames,
Shine your light show us the way.

And as this ship is sinking,
Deep down beneath the waves,
We'll be here singing all the way,
Dreaming of better days...

And I know,
That we're drowning in despair,
But I won't give up this fight,
I'm kicking back with all my might.

ABANDON SHIP! Cos' we're going down.
ABANDON SHIP! Cos' there's no way out.
ABANDON SHIP! Cos' we're going down.
Track Name: Boundless
I say goodbye to my home town and hello to the open road,
These long drives never make me feel old.
Revitalised, I think a part of me was broke inside.
But time's a healer and time's on our side.

And now I see
Through darkness the brightness is blinding me.
And now I hear every note resonating clear.

Can this feeling stay forever?
The bright lights, this adventure?
I’m never going home,
’Cause this is where I belong...

And now I see things more clearly
And now I realise
The mistakes we made just didn't mean a thing.
Now this is boundless, and I will never forget this,
And now I realise, this it our time.